WC and NF Billing

Dpro provides a complete solution. Most medical billing companies only provide some of the elements required for a complete WC billing solution. We are a team of medical billers and collectors with specific experience in Workers' Compensation claims, providing you with complete billing and collections services for your medical practice or facility.  We excel in coding and proper submission of medical bills and invoices for your claims in compliance with the Labor Code, and our collections team aggressively collects, negotiates and resolves unpaid Workers' Comp claims.

No matter what the size or whether you have been in practice for years or are just starting up, we are confident that our experience and expertise will help streamline your WC billing process, saving you time and money. We specialize in optimizing your WC billing and increasing your collections. Leave all the problems associated with WC billing to us, so you can focus on your most important priority.

Workers' Comp Medical Billing

  • We review your patient intake procedures, CPT and diagnostic coding, and medical reporting, to ensure that your Workers’ Comp services are properly coded and that your reports are adequate to ensure payment at the maximum amount, with no delays or denials, in accordance with Labor Code 4600.
  • We attach all required medical reports (PR2, P&S, etc.) to a complete itemized or HCFA1500 billing statement.
  • We serve your bills with attached, dated Proofs of Service to monitor each of your payments and denials for timeliness.
  • We attach all U/R Authorizations attached to your billing.
  • Penalties and Interest assessed for late pay per LC 4603.2(b).
  • We provide you with a wide variety of statistical reports, Aging, case status and all Practice Management Reports.

Workers' Comp Collections

  • Our collections team responds to claim denials and objections with demands for payment in full: U/R denials, MPN issues, reductions per OMFS are addressed with defences from case law and/or the Labor Code.
  • We follow up on all unpaid bills over 45 days old with demand for payment along with Penalties and Interest per LC 4603.2(b).
  • We file and serve perfected liens, bills and reports on all claims where proper payment is not timely received.
  • We aggressively negotiate maximum reimbursement for your liens.  Professional WCAB litigation and Appeals.

We have several years of experience in processing claims for workers' compensation patients. We understand what a hassle it can be! We don't let the red tape stop us from collecting the payment that is rightly due to you for your services.